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Sticking with iUI

So I’ve spent a couple of days trying to do some simple stuff with JQTouch. All I want is a link on one page that runs a script on the server, that delivers the next ‘page’ but I want the new ‘page’ to slide in like it does for a link to a bookmarked div (href=”#something”).

That’s pretty much the default behavior for iUI but it looks like in JQTouch you have to resort to using jQuery functions and implementing that yourself. More flexible? Yes. Harder? Yes? More error prone? Yes (since you have to figure out how to do that yourself). Frustrating? Definitely!

JQTouch does have some nice features though, not least of which is the ability to ‘customize’ it via startup options, as to how much it does for you but it’s still a bear to get started with. It also has some nice ‘themes’ but that’s just markup and some artistic ability (which I lack!).

I’d love to stick with it and maybe I will return to it later on but for now, life is too short to be fighting with tools that are supposed to be helping me. Remember, I don’t do this web stuff for a living, it’s just a side line to my regular work so for me at least it has to be simple and easy to use.

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