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Moving forward with iUI

Made the changes to my applications code to do the DOM cleanup as you navigate through the pages, bit of a hack but it works. I’m using Query for the DOM manipulation. So far, jQuery and iUI seem to be playing together quite well.

I also found out that if you put target=”_self” on forms, iUI does a normal form submit instead of via Ajax. that means that I don’t have to modify the iUI java script to make my login script work which is great. I am pretty sure I tried that with the older version of iUI that I was using before and it didn’t work but I could be wrong. Who knows? Anyway that’s another problem solved.

Now I need to figure out how to define plots in my applications server side  configuration files, and implement the conversion of said definitions into jqplot calls in my server code.

Should keep me busy for a few days. Plenty of time yet for Christmas shopping!

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  1. December 18, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Forms have been pretty broken in iUI until the 0.40 (pre-release) version — they only worked in one particular configuration, but could be easily patched for others. iUI 0.40 has major changes/improvements to form processing, so I’m glad you’re using it.

    I like jQuery and have used it with iUI here and there. I even considered rewriting iUI to use/require jQuery, before the jQTouch project existed. jQTouch has done a very nice job of executing that idea. One of the nice things about iUI, though, is that it has zero dependencies (other than a modern, webkit-like browser) and I have decided to stay true to that original vision. That said, I would like iUI to play nicely with jQuery when used together. If you find any interoperability issues with jQuery, please let me know. I’ve also thought (a very little bit) about having an extension to iUI that would jQuery-wrap any nodes loaded with the private $ function in iUI or returned in any functions/events. I don’t know if that makes sense or is useful, but I thought I would put it out there.

    I noticed that your a z/OS assembler programmer. I think it used to be called 370 assembler, right? I wrote one of my first professional (i.e. paid) programs in 370 assembler when I was in high school (surface analysis of removable washing-machine size disc/DASD). My career has (roughly) gone from assembler -> C -> Java -> JavaScript. I do miss assembler work.

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