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Tried again with Dojo

To be fair to Dojo I gave it another try yesterday. Seems the tree thingy has moved to be part of Dijit now. However just finding out how to make the thing actually work took most of the day. It has a really quite clever implementation but could I figure it out? Hell no, well not for quite a while anyway. Not helped by my previous ‘broken’ tree demo either.

So in the end I got it working after a fashion but it’s a long way from being where I want it to be. I need to update the tree on the fly and that just seems to be something else that is a lot harder than it needs to be!

I have to say that as usual the performance of Dojo powered web pages just sucks. All I have on my test page is a tree and a button and the page is noticeably slower to load than any regular page.

Dojo is obviously pretty powerful but at the cost of some serious performance issues in my opinion. For me with my assembler background, trading a good user experience for a programming model is not acceptable. Maybe I am just out of date? Nah, I’m good!.

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