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Fun with JQuery UI

Well, my Dojo book is on the way but until it gets here I decided to have a play with the JQuery UI toolkit. Whilst it is lagging a little behind the functionality of Dojo I am sure it won’t be long before the user community enables it to catch up.

I must say that I am well impressed. I’ve managed to put together the start of a tabbed, ajax based form application, complete with ‘popup’ help dialog pretty easily and what’s more, it actually performs quite well even with the ‘kitchen sink’ version of the JQuery UI toolkit.


This application will (I hope) enable me to update the configuration files that drive the backend code for the iPhone web application I wrote a little while ago,

Ultimately I want to be able to define the actual data queries and how the data is presented on the iPhone graphically, using this application. Right now it’s all driven by an XML configuration file that has to be manually edited.

The hard part is coming up with a way of visually showing and modifying how the data will be presented on the iPhone.

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