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ISPF on the web – Demo

It’s taken a little bit of experimentation but I’ve come up with a basic drag and drop interface. So far there’s no back end interaction so all the interface does is pop up an alert to display the properties of what was dropped. There’s also a lot of ‘hard coded’ stuff to make things happen, but at this point but I’m more interested in the interface itself than the how.

On the right I’ve got a little tool box containing a trash can and a JES card reader (or at least the best impression I can come up with of one). By dragging the icons next to the files and data sets or PDS members onto the tools the idea is that you’d get the appropriate action. I had to use icons rather than the whole dataset name because the length of the dataset name meant I was getting a lot of ‘misses’ when dropping the elements onto the tools due to the way the jQuery UI drag and drop functionality works. Limiting it to the icons just made things a lot easier to use.

Oh, and although I didn’t demo it, if you scroll the page up and down, the toolbox stays in the same location so it’s always there to interact with.

The next steps are:

  • Add some front end code to the trash can to confirm you actually want to delete the item and then send the request to the back end
  • Add some code to send the job submission request to the back end where the REXX will have to try to confirm that this is actual JCL you are submitting, or at least that it has a job card.

This is actually pretty fun stuff to do!

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