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jQTouch/jQuery plugin fun

After a couple of days of pissing around trying to create a pugin for JQTouch I gave up. It’s not that the plugin itself is hard but I found it impossible to get it to play nicely with multiple elements on a page. As soon as I tried to create TWO slider elements with different settings things got all screwed up and no matter how much I messed with the code I could not get it to play nice with JQTouch in there.

Then I thought, hang on! Why am I bothering to create q JQTouch plugin, I don’t actually need to interact with JQTouch itself, just the DOM elements on the page and I can do that with jQuery. So I have ended up creating a jQuery plugin that will creates nice sliders on an iPhone/iPod touch that work with touch events instead of just the mouse events like the jQuery UI slider widget. It also won’t need all the jQuery UI framework stuff like mouse and widget to actually work.

Well it will when I am done. Having gotten it working initially I ran into the same problem I had with JQTouch when I tried to create multiple sliders on a page.

After a couple moreĀ  of days of reading and experimentation I have finally gotten my framework plugin to actually work correctly now so I just need to port in the other stuff I did for the slider itself which should not be too hard.

Then all I need to do is do the mouse/touch capture stuff and make the slider move. Compared to the hurdles I have just cleared, that should be a piece of cake (ha ha!).

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