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As technology marches on, what will be lost?

From my internal work blog some time ago:-


When the issue of technological advancement comes up I always seem to think of wheel tappers. They were guys that walked along the sides of trains tapping the wheels to listen for a change in the sound that indicated a crack or impending failure (Maybe Southwest should  bring in fuselage tappers! (at the time of the original post, a Southwest Airlines aircraft had had a major failure of the fuselage of one of it’s planes). As technology moves on, jobs and actual technology becomes redundant and it got me to thinking about data storage.




We used to have reel tapes, 3420’s if I recall correctly. Not so much now.
Then we had 3480 cartridges (do we still? I have a couple somewhere).
Now we’ve got? Well it does not matter really. The point is, technology moved on.




First we had floppies, They don;t even put floppy drives in PCs any more unless you ask for it
Then CD’s
Then DVD’s


Then flash drives and blue ray.




And so it progresses.




My point is, what about the old stuff?


These days it is rare to find a good old fashioned record player


Soon CD players will go the same way.
VHS tape player anyone?
Super 8 film?

But there is still plenty of data (and music) around on these old media.


I wonder how much knowledge, data and examples of our culture (movies, music etc) will be lost due to no longer being able to access the media it is on.

Anyone got a wax cylinder player anymore?




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