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Perceptions of Consumability…

In my (mostly) mainframe life, when it comes to user interfaces I am used to pretty minimal interfaces. In the old days it was all 3270 and at 24 lines by 80 characters for a model 2 real estate was at a premium so the emphasis was on simplicity.

Even today when using graphical or web based interfaces I like to keep the data I am looking at to a minimum in order to enable me to concentrate on the task in hand.

Interestingly I was watching my son play World of Warcraft last night and this is typical of the screens he has up while playing:

You can see there’s a LOT going on on this screen. When I asked him about it he said that he’s pretty much scanning it all the time as well as  actually fighting (there seem to be lot of fighting in this game) one or more opponents.

I thought it was interesting how he (being a LOT younger than I am) consumed all that information while I was aghast at the information overload.

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