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Back to the start we go….

Read the book, well most of it. Thought I understood what was going on. Played with Drupal and apparently I didn’t understand as much as I thought I did. No matter I do have a better understanding now of what Drupal is all about so I thought I’d jump right in, install the Conditional Text module I found and have a play.

“Not so fast, cowboy”! I installed the module and it says I need to have a later release of PHP. Now I will admit that to save time originally I had just used an old copy of xampp that I had been using previously and that was still on my hard drive. Seems the latest version of xampp has the required level of PHP so I shall have to go grab that, reinstall Drupal and start all over which is probably easier than trying to upgrade bits here and there!

Now if I can just remember how I set this all up in the first place, I’ll be golden!

Note to self. Take notes this time!

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