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SMP/E Install of ITM and related products

A customer was recently installing ITM and a number of related mainframe products and was asking about the SMP/E install jobs. Since each product provides it’s own there was a lot of duplication in the jobs and this customer had reverted to manually building their own composite install jobs.

This how it ‘should’ be done….

Basically, you have to install ITM first which will include the installer (KCI) from the 510 media.

Then in the TKCIINST pds you execute the KCIRJG00 exec to run the job generator:

ex ‘hilev.TKCIINST(KCIRJG00)’

This is described in the ITM 623 program directory in section 6.1.4.

The program directory is  here : http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/tivihelp/v15r1/topic/com.ibm.itm.doc_6.2.3/KDS623p0.pdf

Then you follow the steps on the screens and it will create a load of members in the output PDS, all prefixed KCI, that include the composite SMP/E setup jobs such as the dddef, data set allocation, receive, apply and accept for all the products you selected.

This is the initial screen you see:

Enter the name of a PDS data set to receive the composite members. The EXEC will allocate the data set if it does not exist.

Note. PF1 (or F1 if you are not old enough to remember that they used to be called ‘Program Function’ keys!) brings up a help screen that describes the process and each of the screens.

Next, select the product versions you want to install:

Fill out the following screens:

On the following screen, remove the asterisk in front of each data set name or over type the complete name to suit your environment.

Once you complete all the input screens the EXEC will create the output members in the PDS you specified on the first screen.

The KCIJGLOG member in the output data set contains descriptions of each of the jobs and the order to run them in.

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