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C code to reverse a string…

Just to show I ‘can’ do it…

// Reverse a string

#include <iostream>
#include <string.h>

using namespace std;

char * reverse( char * p) {
    char * e;
    char * s;                // Copy ptr because I am going to mess with it
    int l = strlen(p);
    s=p;                     // first char ptr
    e = p+l-1;               // last char ptr

    char * m;                // mid point of the string
    m=s+l/2;                 // set it (int arith drops remainder if odd length

    for (;s<m;s++) {         // just need to traverse half the string
        s[0]=s[0]^e[0];      // swap curr leading and current last byte
        e[0]=e[0]^s[0];      // using xor
        e--;                 // back up 1 from end
    return p;                // return same string back to caller


int main()
   char c[21]="12345";             // String to reverse
   cout << reverse(c)<<'\n';       // reverse and print result
   cout << c;                      // orig string also reveresed
   reverse(c);                     // reverse in place
   cout <<'\n'<<c;                 // show it is reversed

   return 0;

I also found this neat online site to  compile and test various languages http://www.compileonline.com/

I guess I could have used the Linux box/web server under my desk but this worked quite well.

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