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Developing in the cloud…

I want to create an app for my iPad. Well, to be truthful I was looking for an app to do a particular thing and amazingly, given all the apps out there, I could not find one that does what I wanted.  So it’s time to learn to write an app for the iPad.

Trouble is, I don’t have a Mac and the cheapest Mac Mini is north of $600 and while I ‘could’ go and buy one it just does not seem worth it at this point in time so I looked into virtual Mac’s out there in the cloud.

Turns out there are a few services that provide access in various forms to either ‘virtual’ Macs or to a ‘shared’ box (TSO on z/OS anyone?) and the prices seem pretty reasonable, especially for someone that just want to explore the platform and try a few things before committing to it.

So that’s what I am looking into right now. Well, that and how to develop iPad apps. I figure if kids can do it, I ‘should’ be able to too although there are no guarantees!

Since my app needs to talk to some hardware plugged into my iPad I have to be able to load it up to my iPad to run it so I am sure there a few hoops involved and no doubt Apple wants their pound of flesh as well to let me do that.

Now all I have to do is find a service I can use.

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