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A little ‘light’ reading…

My current reading…


As much as I am not a fan of C (I must do a post to explain why sometime)  and it’s variants I thought I would give it a chance, especially since I am trying to create an iOS app for the iPad (whose development language is more like smalltalk than C but it’s still ‘close’ in style).

So far I am about half way through the C++ book and I will admit that the presence of the string class alone and thus the removal for the need for functions like strcmp (that results in really strange code in my opinion since the return code logic is backwards as equality gives a zero return code which is ‘false’!) and memcpy (which is just plain dangerous in the wrong hands) is a vast improvement.

Unfortunately for me, most of my day to day work is in z/OS assembler or Metal C (mainly just reading it!) so not much opportunity to do ‘real’ code but hey, it’s all good in the end. No harm in learning new stuff.

As for the iOS book, I am still trying to get up to speed with using the xcode development environment on the remote mac system I am using. The main issue  so far has been that most of the xcode tutorials online use the click and drag method to connect things in the IDE but because I am accessing the machine using vnc, that does not work (apparently vnc does not support that) so I have spent most of tonight just finding alternative ways of achieving the same thing.

Who says us geeks are boring… LOL!

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