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Google Glass…

I was just watching a short demo of Google Glass on the BBC news site and a couple of things occurred to me as I watched the demo:

  • There seemed to be a lot of ‘touching’ of the device for various reasons. Not a problem except that I am LEFT handed and would therefore prefer to use my left hand for that.
  • However, my strongest eye is my right eye so I want the screen on the right (that combination makes things like archery and shooting really ‘interesting’).


So it may be quite a while before I am using Google Glass. In fact, by the time it is generally available (and affordable) my eyesight might be so bad (I wear glasses) that it is beyond me anyway.

Sometime I suspect that technology, with its ever decreasing size,  really is aimed at younger people and that us ‘oldies’ will be left on the sidelines.

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