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Back to the iPhone programming…

Well, my adventures in iPhone programming continue. It’s not being helped at all by the crappiness of using VNC to access the remote MAC I am using. VNC just does not seem to be able to support some of the basic functions like control and drag that I need to use to get the most out of the xcode IDE. OK, so there are work arounds but even so!

Anyway, so far today I’ve managed to crash the iPhone emulator and completely screw up my simple test app (although I did fix it later).

Given the choice between Microsoft’s IDE and xcode I have to say that so far I think the MS one is far better. Maybe it’s just a matter of familiarity but you have to remember I don’t do this for a living (yet!) but I think I found creating applications using the MS IDE far more intuitive than using xcode, or maybe it’s the quality of the tutorials I am following. Mind you, the iPhone coding is not helped at all by the sheer strangeness of the way they have implemented the C ‘code’. It ‘looks’ like C but is it? Who knows. Certainly seems strange to me!

Anyway, onwards we go!


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