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iPhone Frustrations…

Part of the deployment process for iOS apps is that they must be signed, even just for testing, on a physical device and there’s a whole procedure for creating all the parts you need to do that. The problem is that all the descriptions to do this assume you are using a Mac. As in, a  real, physical mac, which of course I am not.

It’s taken a couple of days but I think I have managed to get all the certificates and keys I need in place so I created the provisioning profile and genned the app and transferred it all to my Windows box so that I could upload it to my iPod since of course that is all I have available to plug my iPod into.

The idea is that you drag the provisioning profile and app into iTunes (on my windows box in my case), connect the iPad and synch it and the app ‘should’ be installed on the device but no, nothing, nada, zilch and no indication as to why. In fact when I drag the app into the iTunes app library I don’t even see my nice artwork as the app icon so who knows what is going on at this stage.

I found lots of stuff on the web on this but in general most of it seems to be what I like to call ‘advanced guessing’ and based on older versions of xcode and iTunes so who knows what he procedure really is at this stage. I’ll try again soon when I’ve had time to find a more up to date solution to the whole issue.

Of course, the real solution would be to go buy a Mac.

Maybe that’s all part of Apple’s evil plan!

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