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I have managed to get my very rudimentary iPhone app onto my physical device.  Not the easiest or simplest process in the world since the app icons and launch splash screens gave me a lot of trouble. Some stuff is just not as intuitive as I think it should be and while these things were not an error as such, how the heck was I suppose to know since it did not look ‘right’ (like no application icon when I added the app the iTunes prior to loading it into the device).

Still, I appear to have overcome that hurdle now so I can get back to actually trying to write some real working code. Initially I just want to display some help (seems like a good starting place) and using a PDF seems like a good way to deliver it but the standard way of displaying a PDf in iOS (in a web page) is pretty crappy from a user experience point of view so it looks like I am going to have to investigate some alternative options provided by both free and commercially available frameworks. Such fun!

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