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Stepping back in order to learn …

The little iOS pdf toolkit I found was awesome and very easy to use but it was a pretty big chunk of code and more importantly for me, the look of the rendered page did not match the look I had for my app. There did not appear to be any ‘easy’ way to change the general look (color of the tool bar in particular) without reverting to changing the code so I decided to figure out how to do it myself in order to get the look I wanted, but also to force me to learn more about iOS programming.

I found some example code out there to use as a starting point as well as the Apple documentation so between that lot I did manage to figure it out in the end. Of course it’s not as  simple as just following someone else’s code as their code never quite matched my environment or goal, but the whole process of figuring out which parts of their code you need to take and use as a model for your own is how you learn this stuff.

Overall it has been a worthwhile exercise and while I am no expert yet at iOS app coding, I am a little more educated than I was a week ago.

So now I can get back to the main code for my app.

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