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Playing with BIRT

January 16, 2010 5 comments

Some time ago I started to experiment with BIRT, the eclipse based Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool. Recently I’ve been taking another look at it. I found some examples of how to set it up to talk SOAP and after a little bit of experimentation got it to work. Great!.

Then I thought, what about viewing the reports in a web browser. A bit more digging and I found some info on using the BIRT Report Viewer (in the run time download) with Apache tomcat. So off I toddled to grab tomcat and the viewer,  and after a few false starts (never done this before) I managed to get it all running and my report visible in my web browser.

So now I am wondering if I can format the reports nicely to view on an iPhone (should just be some CSS) but also, could I embed some javascript like jQuery or iUI into the reports so that they behave like regular web apps but give me the ability to do the actual design using a decent tool.

Mmmmm. Brain cells are waking up….

Horizontal bar graphs

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the reasons for using jqplot was to create neat looking graphs including horizontal bar graphs. I’d forgotten that I’d done exactly this some time ago using html and css and a quick search produced several examples online of really simple implementations.

So I am going to take another look at adding at least horizontal bar graphs to my application but using html and css this time.

One advantage of rolling my own is that I might be able to make the bars link to sub panels within the DOM, thus making them into links that operate just like normal links that are processed by iUI. We shall see.

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Moving forward with iUI

December 18, 2009 1 comment

Made the changes to my applications code to do the DOM cleanup as you navigate through the pages, bit of a hack but it works. I’m using Query for the DOM manipulation. So far, jQuery and iUI seem to be playing together quite well.

I also found out that if you put target=”_self” on forms, iUI does a normal form submit instead of via Ajax. that means that I don’t have to modify the iUI java script to make my login script work which is great. I am pretty sure I tried that with the older version of iUI that I was using before and it didn’t work but I could be wrong. Who knows? Anyway that’s another problem solved.

Now I need to figure out how to define plots in my applications server side  configuration files, and implement the conversion of said definitions into jqplot calls in my server code.

Should keep me busy for a few days. Plenty of time yet for Christmas shopping!

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Fun with iUI

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I’m awake at 4:00 AM this morning with this stuff rattling around in my head so I got up and did some work. The first thing I realized I needed to do was to have iUI raise some sort of event when the page change occurs so that I can:

  • Do the same sort of DOM cleanup I needed to do for jQT since whilst iUI replaces the main DIV, it does not do so (or at least I don’t think it does) for any bookmark DIVs within the same result set. Certainly when you page back it would make sense to delete the old stuff so I need it for that if nothing else.
  • In order to use jqplot I need to run some script after the new page loads to generate the plot. So I need to capture that event.

It turns out that the new 0.40 development version of iUI has just that sort of event in it, plus a bunch more. So I spent a couple of hours this morning converting my app to use the new level of iUI and then figuring out how to capture the events it was generating and tying them to the page that was being swapped in.

Now that that is all working I can start adding the meat of the changes to the code. Looks like it’s going to be a busy Christmas!

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The war is lost (for now)

December 17, 2009 2 comments

After several hours of fighting with JQtouch I have given up for now. My application has a login screen that’s really just a simple form that I want to submit. If the login fails then the back end send a complete new page. To make it work with iUI I had to make a small modification to iUI to tell it to do a normal form submit (I added a tag to the form that the iUI javascript detects and does a normal form submit instead of using Ajax). In effect all that iUI is doing on my logon screen is formatting the html.

With jQTouch I just cannot get it to stop using Ajax. When it does I have the same problem as before in that it simply adds the new page to the DOM and I end up with duplicate logon ‘pages’ in the DOM, even though you can only see the last one because I put class=”current” on it.

If I turn off the jQT Ajax form submission using the init options then normal form submission just does not work either.

After some experimentation I got it to work with Safari on the desktop but it still would not work on my iPod. Plus I could not get a nice standard ‘whiteButton’ to work either as the submit button.

So that’s it for now, I’ve spent enough time on it. Part of the reason to use jQT was that it is built on jQuery and I want to use jqplot for graphing which is also built on jQuery so switching to jQT would result in using a common framework.

All that said though, jQT has some nice features, particularly the animations and I’ve learnt a heck of a lot more about building web applications for the iPhone/iPod Touch so it’s not been a waste of time at all. It is however time to start moving forward again.

Now I have to try to make iUI and jQuery/jqplot play together nicely. Should be fun!

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