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So few choices, so little information…

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Want to know what really annoys me. Applications (web or otherwise) that pop up a dialog box that says “Do you want to do this or that?” but there’s only an OK button.

If there’s only one button I can click then really I have no choice about the issue so why the hell bother me with it, just go and do it!

Then there’s the pop up that says “Do you want to do this or that?” and whilst I now have a choice it does nothing to explain either why it is asking me this or the implications of either choice so I have to pick blindly. My usual response is “How the hell would I know” although there doesn’t seem to be a button for that. In fact usually there isn’t even a help button. Just because the guy that wrote the code knew why he was asking me something does not mean that I do, nor that I understand what will happen afterwords so why do they do it?

This sort of crap really pisses me off!