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XAMPP – A development web server

December 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Do you need a simple to install Apache based web server that can run Perl and PHP and supports mySQL? Then take a look at XAMPP.

XAMPP runs on Windows, Linux and Mac and is simple to install and use. Download, unzip, run the configuration batch file if necessary, start the control panel application then start Apache.

Everything is laid out in a really easy to understand and follow file structure and Apache is pre configured and ready to run which is great if you are not used to it.

I’ve been running XAMPP on my desktop at home as a development web server for my iPhone work, even though I have a real Linux based web server sitting under my desk that I use to host some web sites.

XAMPP is not intended to be used for production type work but if you need a cheap (it’s free!) and easy to use Apache web server I can highly recommend it.