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Wow, that’s cool…

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I put together a demo web app using Websphere sMash over the last few days. Had to do a crash course in PHP¬† to do it but hey, it’s just another language, they all seem to blur after a while!.

Anyway I digress. It seems that to ‘deploy’ your app, you just zip it up using the “zero package” command then send it to whoever. All they need to do is install the zero command line interface (a simple download and add to your path), install a java vm if they don’t have one and pretty much every one has these days, unzip the package, run the “zero resolve” command to grab the stuff it needs from then start it with the “zero start” command.

You don’t even need a web server because it has it’s own built in server as well. Pretty neat!