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Well that sucks…

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve just spent ages building a web based iPhone UI using jQuery and jQTouch. One of the elements I wanted to use was a slider control and JQuery has a really nice one. I got everything working, got it talking to my back end and updating the back end in real time, pretty cool.

Trouble is I’ve been doing all my testing on Safari on my desktop. Tried it on the iPod touch and you cannot drag the slider control. I can touch the control and the slider jumps to where I touched which is great for coarse control but without the ability to drag the slider itself I have no fine control.

I don’t really want to use a couple of buttons to move the slider, seems a bit daft. I may have to use them though, remove the slider and just display the setting as a value. Not as good visually but it’ll do if I have to go that route.

Not in a happy place right now!

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